Tour dates??... Yes we have Tour dates. Please have a look at the "Tour Dates" section on this website.

Unlike others though we spend our time in Morocco, so can arrange a date to suit if that is what you require if we have the downtime.

Our season usually runs from October to March, but we aim to accommodate you by being flexible with regard to other months. Just ask!



Mid November 2022

Christmas and New Year special 2022-2023

Numbers for all these dates are limited to five vehicles.

Christmas in Morooco will be alot warmer than being at home watching the TV...

Our tours usually run every month from October to Febuary, but can run till May.

As mentioned these dates can be adjusted slightly to suit if required.

Simply pick a month to suit you!

Do you have a group of 5 vehicles?

Well take advantage of our group discounted rates.

We spend our time between Morocco and West Africa.

When you are ready for a Tour, so are we!

Unless it is one of our special tours such as the off road/piste experience.Email or Message us with your enquiries. We aim to give you the experience you want.