West Africa

This Tour is where we live and our love of this part of Africa shines through!For the super adventurous, come 2021 we can take you further South into West Africa where things really change and will truly blow you away. We aim to keep the costs down for you if you wish to experience this trip.

Having travelled in West Africa we have the knowledge to make this very special and unique. Visas, border crossings and routes all arranged by us and having travelled this way many times we have the knowledge to get to any destination.

You can choose how long you wish to be on the Tour and how many countries you wish to visit. We can even arrange shipping back to your home country to save having to drive back. You simply then fly home.

This is by far the cheapest option and saves the long trip home.

Minimum vehicles x2 and Maximum vehicles x5 for this Tour.

 You will need time for this amazing adventure and we would recommend at least 2 months to fully engage with what is the last part of Africa not to be changed by the western world.

Please contact us for full details via Email or Messenger.A journey which will change your life as you immerse yourself into the REAL AFRICA!