Do i need a Visa before i arrive in Morocco?

​​​​No, you will be issued with a Visa as you arrive in Morocco.
The Visa is valid for 3 months and is FREE!
Another reason to visit wonderful Morocco.

What paperwork do i need for my foreign car/vehicle for a tour in Morocco?

Your car/vehicle will be stamped into Morocco when we arrive at a Moroccan Port.
The car/vehicle will be allowed to stay in Morocco for 6 months.
There is no payment for this service.
It is possible to fly out of Morocco and leave your car/vehicle there during this 6 months period. We can advise on the formalities required to do this.

Is Morocco safe?

Looking at the problems in the World this is a question that people ask.
Morocco is incredibly safe and the statistics go to prove this.
Petty crime is rare. With regard to terrorism, Morocco simply doesn't have the problem the rest of the World is experiencing.

Will i be hassled all the time in Morocco?

Moroccans are very good business people and can tend to appear pushy.
What you have to realise is that you are entering a different culture that even the locals view as part of everyday life in Morocco.
Very rarely will there be a price tag on an item you may wish to buy. You can choose to haggle or not. There are ways around the haggling culture which we would pass on to save you spending too much time in one place.
Be polite, but firm if you find you may have unwanted attention, as an example, from a guide attempting to sell his services.
Good news is we at the Overland Morocco team can help and guide you through all of this to make your Morocco tour hassle free.

What is the price of an Overland Morocco Tour?

For full details click on the relevant link on this website.
Put simply though the price per week for 2 people and a vehicle, including camping accommodation paid by us is £650 if we meet in Spain or £550 if we meet you in Morocco.

Can i buy and drink alcohol in Morocco?

It is possible to find alcohol in Morocco at some supermarkets in big cities.
It is also possible to find alcohol in smaller towns. You just need to know where to look.
Be mindful of where you drink. Treat Morocco with respect.
Alcohol is much more expensive than Europe, so it is best to bring your own if you wish to save time and money looking for a beer. Stock up with your needs before arriving.

How do i get the ferry to Morocco?

Good news is that we can arrange your return ticket for you at no extra charge.
If we meet at our pre-arranged campsite in Tarifa, Spain and take you across on the ferry with us to arrange the paperwork for you and your car/vehicle.
Or, now with the customs paperwork in Tangier Med being so easy we can direct you to the Ferry ticket agent in Spain and meet you in Morocco.

Do i need any special medication such as Anti- Malaria to go on a Morocco tour?

NO, unlike other parts of Africa Morocco is malaria free. There is also no requirement for inoculations such as yellow fever, cholera etc.

Do i need to bring Moroccan money?

It is not usually possible to bring Moroccan money with you.
Good news is there are ATM's everywhere!
All you need to do is tell your Bank that you are travelling to Morocco.
There is also Money Exchanges for people who would rather bring cash. Either UK pounds, Euros or US Dollars.
Overlanding in Morocco is that easy!
The Overland Morocco team can help with any of the above.