PLEASE READ...Covid 19 / Corona Virus Our Message to You.

We have held off from making any posts regarding Overland Morocco Tours and our future tour dates due to the Corona Virus.

We have been very careful to monitor the situation since the outbreak in China and wanted to wait until now. It feels like we have done the right thing in not taking deposits for future tours and taking time to assess the situation considering the global impact this virus has had.

That said, we would firstly like to give everyone our thanks for the support we have received and to wish everyone to stay safe and healthy at this time of crisis.

One piece of good news is the way the Moroccan Goverment reacted to this problem with regard to tourists stuck in Morocco. In their usual way the Moroccans showed how important to them the tourist industry is now and in the future. Well done Morocco!

For us, we are now in lockdown in the capital of Mali, West Africa, Bamako. We are into our 2nd week here and the confirmed cases are low, but this is West Africa and it simply does not have the infrastructure of Europe etc so it is difficult to get a true picture of things.

With regard to future tours we aim to begin again in Morocco mid October, but will obviously continue to monitor and update yourselves. In the meantime we will set out a timetable of dates and types of tours on our Facebook page and our website.

Emails or messages of interest will be taken, but NO deposits to ensure you of our commitment and loyalty to all of you. We will update people personally via emails and messages should you wish to join us next season for a tour.

Thanks to all of you who must have been wondering why we have been so quiet during this time. We are sure that you understand and have had enough to cope with in your personal lives anyway.

Lets all hope that not only us as Overland Morocco Tours get back to normal soon, but all of you get through these difficult times and we get to meet each other and enjoy the wonderful place that Morocco truly is!

Take care, stay safe and look after each other.