Covid 19 and can we book a tour?

We think that we should be honest and transparent about how Covid 19 has impacted on us running tours in Morocco, Mauritania and West Africa.

We have noticed other companies offering tours in Morocco and Europe, at this time, with some being up front and honest while others are simply not being realistic.

That now said here are our thoughts on the prospect of tours in the near future.

1) There are routes into Morocco via ferry, but it's not straight forward and is more expensive.

2) With lockdowns in France and Spain travelling through these countries can, and will, continue to be difficult.

3) New conditions will apply to UK travellers from 1st Jan 2021 travelling through Europe. This is not a huge problem and we can offer advise if needed.

4) The uncertainty of future lockdowns in Europe or Morocco would add extra time to any tour.

5) Dealing with the unknown and blindly offering tours is to us being irresponsible and not having the customers interest first and foremost.

6) There is always the question of what happens if a customer contracted Covid 19 while abroad?

We all hope there will be a return to normality at some point, but feel the situation at present is not favorable to offering tours for the meantime.

As we have been doing, we will continue to monitor the situation and only when we feel confident that you can join us for a hassle free, safe and enjoyable tour will we announce that bookings are open as well as buisness back to normal.

Many thanks for your continued support!

Kevin and Heike.